Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Professional DSLR Camera Choices Versus Compact Digital Cameras

Many digital camera producers are faced with tough choices when it comes to fulfilling demands and expectations of their clients. You will find a plethora of DSLR camera choices and more so with compact digital cameras. They all boast of a variety of features but professionals should know better which of those features really fit into the requirements of their work which has never before been as demanding as it is right now. Most compacts include automatic settings which make it easier for the less experienced photographers to take a variety of shots, but quality is always compromised in one way or the other for the obvious lack of judgement using the human eye. The DSLR cameras come in handy for the experienced hands of most professionals who like total control when taking their shots.
Even though a DSLR camera is bigger and heavier than compact digital cameras which are mostly highly portable, it has better ergonomics as the buttons are large enough and in the right places as opposed to some tiny compact cameras that make users strain their fingers operating them. Sharp images are the priorities of most digital camera producers and in that respect DSLR cameras will score better than compact cameras. Sharpness increases with the size of sensor used in a camera as it determines the amount of light making each of the pixels. ISO settings are available with each of these types of cameras but increasing ISO leads to more “noise” in compact cameras and less in DSLRs explaining why professionals easily make them their choices.
Quick start startup is very important for photographers and that is why they prefer a DSLR camera which they easily turn on whenever they need a shot they can’t afford to miss. That might not be the case with most compact digital cameras which have to take time to power up before they become ready for use. Their reliability by professionals is further reduced by their shutter lag problems while DSLRs offer instantaneous shots. Compact cameras are however admirable in other respects. Their prices, size and weight are more desirable. Changing lenses while using digital SLR cameras means that they can attract dust which often ends up in the sensor thus affecting the quality of your pictures. You will not have to worry of such a problem if you use compact cameras. There is apparently more depth of field with smaller sensors used in compact cameras.

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